Men & Women Who Want

More {Life Force} Energy

The next few years beyond 2020, are going to be filled with upheaval for many.

We’re going to need as many strong, confident Men and Women as possible to help lead the charge forward.

Dyann is on a mission to help people do that…

The TOP 3 Areas Clients Want Coaching For Are Relationships, Career/Money and Health.

Dyann Can Help Create A Personalized Strategy For You & Provide Guidance On Reaching Your Goals In ALL 3 Areas!

For your FREE Session book here….

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Listen To Dyann Tell You What She Thinks Is…


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Why not find out more about what Dyann offers in the meantime…

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It’s a great thing to receive truly objective and non-judgmental guidance from a woman who cares.

You need a mature woman who:

  • Will Listen attentively without judgement or condemnation
  • You can Trust and who will become a Confidante
  • Can Provide Wise objective guidance on sex & relationships
  • Will help organize your thoughts & budget for more secure finances
  • Will Help strategize an action plan to reach health & fitness goals
  • Can Provide Healing Techniques over the phone & by distance
  • Will Allow You to Be 100% Yourself 

Book a Free ‘Get-To-Know-You’ Session

  • Gentlemen; are you frustrated trying to find a girl friend?
  • Ladies; are sometimes bossy and hard to get to know?
  • Men; does your wife still perplex and frustrate you after years of being together?
  • I can explain the gender dynamics and what’s needed to make them harmonious
  • I can help you find and attract a wonderful mate who is genuine, respectful and fun
  • I can help you connect more deeply with your spouse

  • Are you in a work rut?
  • Do you want to change jobs/careers, but have no idea where to start?
  • Do you have a business that seems to be going nowhere?
  • Do you have difficult employees and need some ideas on how to deal with them? 
  • I’ve worked in a wide variety of situations for 100+ different businesses.
  • The best way to make money is identifying what you’re good at, what you love and want to do AND what the market/customers are actually willing to pay for.

  • Are you feeling lethargic, unfocused, sexually uninterested, emotionally numb, depressed, angry and/or just plain exhausted? 
  • With decades of experience as a holistic practitioner I can offer tips & an action plan to better health and fitness
  • Become more physically, sexually and energetically robust with simple bio-mechanical techniques and inexpensive natural products 

Book a Free ‘Get-To-Know-You’ Session

**Prices starting from $50…**

If you’re not ready to reach out yet then please SIGN UP TO THE EMAIL LIST.

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