Writer/Editor/Relationship and Life Coach

Hello Everyone;

This is Dyann. I’m a Life Coach with specialties in Relationships and Writing.

I also have a deep understanding of psychological damage and how to treat it.

Did you know only 5%-10% of our consciousness is used in daily life? The other 90-95% is in the subconscious.

The subconscious mind is where our dreams, fears, desires, belief systems and psychological scars lie.

It’s also the place where triggering emotional events lay and brilliant pieces of creativity wait to be found.

I can help you access the creative gems in your subconscious and how to apply them to your writing, as well as, show you how to dissipate emotional triggers.

Dyann Helps Clients Have Greater Success In Relationships & Creativity… By Helping To Repair & Manage Their Life Energy

Contact Dyann to book a call at dyann@therapist.net

Understand How Exaggerating The Masculine and Feminine Energies Creates More Passion In Relationships!

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Below Dyann Tells You What She Thinks Is…


It’s a great thing to receive truly objective and non-judgmental guidance from a woman who cares.

You need a mature woman who:

  • Will Listen attentively without judgement or condemnation
  • You can Trust and who can become a Confidante
  • Can Provide Wise objective guidance on sex & relationships
  • Can Provide Healing Distance Energy Techniques
  • Will Allow You to Be 100% Yourself 

Sign Up For Dyann’s Coaching Tips Here !!! <——–

Book a Session With Dyann at: dyann@therapist.net

  • Ladies & Gentlemen – Are you frustrated trying to find someone to date or have a real relationship with?
  • Ladies – Are you often bossy and hard to get to know?
  • Men – Does your wife still perplex and frustrate you after years of being together?
  • Dyann helps explain the gender dynamics and what’s needed to make relating to the opposite sex easier and more harmonious
  • Dyann can help you find and attract a wonderful mate who is genuine, respectful and fun


Gender is NOT fluid or vertical.

Learn more about yourself – as a man – to have more passionate relationships with women.

**Prices for phone sessions start at $50…**

If you’re not ready to reach out yet then please SIGN UP TO THE EMAIL LIST.

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