Have You Heard Of Wim Hof & His Breathing Method? It’s Time You Did… {VIDEOS}

I didn’t know who this man was until just a few months ago. I saw him in an interview that Russell Brand… of all people.

What I appreciate about Wim’s information is that he really pushes us to get back to more of a natural state of being. He gives us doable, practical methods for Health.

This includes fighting the Covfefe-19 and any other physical disease.

Find out more about Wim Hof’s method here… https://www.wimhofmethod.com/


When I first tried this breathing method I got a tremendous amount of tingling through my hands, feet, arms and legs and I was quite light headed. This breathing technique is very simple, but extremely powerful.

Wim suggests we go through 3 rounds of the breathing. After the first round I had to take a break. I was fairly overwhelmed. Perhaps I was extra stressed, I’m not sure. I workout everyday so my body is not unaccustomed to breathing deeply.

Since that first time though, I have been able to go through his breathing technique the full 3 rounds. I genuinely feel much deeper into my body and calmer mentally and in general more spiritually in touch.

This simple and powerful breathing method should be required for everyone. Especially, in this time of Covfefe-19. To me, it’s become obvious this vir*s is about control than safety.

As well, I would caution anyone and everyone about watching mainstream media. Again, it’s obvious they are lying to us. It seems there are lots of new “cases” yet there are no pictures of actual sick people.

As of October 2020 there were just over 232,000 people who have died from this vir*s in the USA. There are over 331,000,000 million people in this country. That’s %.0006 deaths from this plandemic level vir*s.

Those are factual numbers directly from the CDC. By anyone’s standards this is not a pandemic. I encourage you to try this simple powerful breathing technique from Wim Hof.

From what I’ve read… it has change some people’s lives.

Listen to his Corona V*rus Guide from Wim. My favorite line from Wim in this interview is this, “We are sodomizing the planet and we need to stop!” Amen Wim.

Here is the CORONA V*RUS GUIDE FROM WIM HOF – who is interviewed again by Russell Brand.

This is Wim Hof’s Interview with Russell Brand…

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